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Avoiding Foul Trouble

By Hooptactics, 01/07/19, 12:00PM CST


You may commit a careless foul early in the game and think it is only your first foul. However, since the other three basic fouls are definitely coming it immediately puts you in foul trouble.

Fouling plays a critical part in the out come of the game, especially when it comes playoff time. Fouls were added to the basketball rule book to penalize; however, intelligent players and teams use fouls to their advantage. When it comes to fouling to gain a competitive edge there is no margin for error. The difference between fouls being your ally or your enemy rests on a single foul. If you analyze fouling, you will quickly see that every time you step onto the court you can count on receiving three basic fouls:

Foul No. 1 - You will receive at least one bad call during the game.

Foul No. 2 - At least one charge/block judgment call will go against you.