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Basketball Late-Game Defense

By Dr. James Gels, Coach's Clipboard, 12/28/18, 12:00PM CST


Defenders on the outside should contest the shot by getting a hand up high (without fouling). 

There’s only a few seconds left in the game and you are up one or two points.

You could either play man-to-man, or use one of a selection of zones. Use your tallest players to prevent the long pass and pressure the in-bounder. Use your quickest players on the sidelines and wing areas.

Rule: No fouls, unless you have a foul "to give." Certainly no shooting fouls. If you have less than six team fouls, and their star player is making a move to the hoop, you could foul before the shot.

Now they will have to reset and pass it inbounds again, taking possibly more time to get off the shot. If the ball comes up the sideline, rather than batting it out of bounds try to keep it in play so that the clock keeps running. If you must "bat" the ball, bat it into the backcourt.