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Sports Hydration and Performance

By Hydralyte, 12/27/18, 12:00PM CST


Dehydration and exercise are a common pairing by nature. After any workout or prolonged physical activity, it’s always important to recover by restoring the body’s fluid levels.

Many athletes endure vigorous or prolonged physical activity (i.e. during endurance sport or exercise). This can often lead to an increase in the body’s core temperature. Resulting in a higher sweat rate, an increase in body temperature and physical activity leads to the loss of bodily fluids and electrolytes and can cause mild to moderate dehydration.

Various sports or intense workouts can result in dehydration. Some of these include: distance running such as marathons, endurance cycling, cross fit, MMA, Brazilian Jujitsu, boxing, power lifting, training for college or professional athletics of all types, and hot yoga.

The Effects of Dehydration on Sports Performance

Optimal sports performance requires an athlete to be at their peak – physically and mentally. When exercising, you lose fluid and electrolytes through sweat which can cause dehydration.