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Methods to Speed Recovery After Tough Training Sessions

By Coach Bott, Fight Camp Conditioning, 12/26/18, 12:00PM CST


The goals of stretching are to remove or hasten the disposal of metabolites that cause fatigue and stiffness and to promote the healing of microinjuries.

Three Methods to Speed Recovery After Tough Training Sessions


Massage is a mode of recovery recommended for all types and levels of athletes giving them an anabolic edge. In addition to a proper cooldown, the post-training massage assists the athlete to recover after an intense training session.

Peaking is almost impossible when athletes are training day after day with stiff, sore and tired muscles. The body must recover before it can improve and post-exercise massage can be beneficial in this process. Massage improves blood circulation and facilitates the interaction of tissue fluids, relieving fatigue in muscle tissue. It also assists in the removal of metabolites and toxins, by means of venous and lymphatic circulation.