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Wrestlers: Tips on Losing Weight Safely

By Children's Hospital Colorado , 12/19/18, 12:00PM CST


Reduce the fat in your diet: fatty foods may taste good but are higher in calories. Learn and know what food sources are high in fat and avoid them. 

Wrestlers cutting weight to compete in a weight class is nothing new. Unfortunately, many of these athletes take on unhealthy methods to lose weight. When weight loss is done in a healthy way, the wrestler can become stronger and more competitive in a lower weight class.. An estimated 25%-67% of wrestlers use techniques such as over exercise, calorie restriction, fasting, and different dehydration methods to lose weight. Wrestlers tend to believe this type of action will improve their performance, but in reality this usually only makes things worse.

Dehydration is a wrestler’s worst enemy

Dehydration is a main health concern when losing weight quickly. It occurs when a wrestler cuts off their intake of fluids.