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Don Meyer’s Shooting Games and Free-Throw Drills

By Winning Hoops, 12/18/18, 12:00PM CST


A player shoots a free throw, and if it’s missed the player runs. If the teammates don’t encourage the shooter, then everyone runs.

Don Meyer, the NCAA’s winningest all-time men’s basketball coach, loved to keep his practices simple in nature. He shared his favorite six shooting competitions (with six free-throw shooting games to follow) that he used at practices to help develop the sharpshooters needed for his high-powered offense.

1, 2, 3 shooting to 21

Players begin at the 3-point line (or closer for younger athletes).

One point is awarded when a player executes a shot fake, makes a straight-line dribble while keeping the head up on the target, and finishes with one dribble to the rim while chinning the ball and making a clean layup.