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Why is Recovery Important?

By Rob Skinner, Baseball Strength and Conditioning , 12/17/18, 12:00PM CST


Successful recovery will only occur with proper planning. Think about your training sessions ahead of time so you can plan and pack the appropriate fuels with you.

As a high-performance athlete, you’ve chosen a career where taking care of your body is your job. When you are training and competing full time, there are several physiological consequences that occur as a result of hard exercise.

A sound recovery nutrition protocol will ensure you can optimize training adaptations and perform at 100 percent of your body’s potential for the next training bout or in preparation for competition.


Physiological consequences of hard training The 4 R’s of recovery nutrition
Dehydration Rehydrate with fluids and electrolytes
Depletion of glycogen (carbohydrate stored in muscle and liver) Replenish muscle glycogen stores with carbohydrates