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What Your Goggles Say About You

By Loretta Race, SwimSwam, 12/13/18, 12:00PM CST


You prefer to keep to a design you know and trust so you can focus on the million other things you need to get done in the pool.

Swimmers love to express themselves in and around the pool, as reflected by the myriad types of training suits, gear and apparel in any given swimming scene. Even something as small as a pair of goggles can say a lot about the person on whose face they appear. What do your favorite goggles possibly say about you?


  • You’re independent, selective and exact. Like your simplistic, yet customizable Swedish goggles you prefer to be deliberate and focused with every move you make in life.


  • Confidence surrounds you and you’re not afraid to show your true self. You approach the world wide-open and like to see things with your own eyes unobscured.