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How Scoring Works in Diving

By The Real Buzz, 12/13/18, 12:00PM CST


Each dive is considered without regard to the degree of difficulty of the dive. (This is taken into account later by the tariff).

Once you start diving you may find that the lure of competitions is calling you. Diving competitions are based on a points system in which divers are scored on factors including execution and degree of difficulty.

To explain the diving scoring system, first, you have to understand the sequence of a dive.

There are four basic parts to a dive:

1. Approach to the dive — the forward steps taken by a diver toward the end of the board. This usually involves three or more steps. To start off, the diver’s starting position must be erect, with arms either straightforward, to the sides or over the head. Judges are looking for the approach to the end of the board to be smooth and straight.