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Interval Training: HIIT or Miss?

By Mike Boyle, Athletes' Acceleration, 12/12/18, 12:00PM CST


Interval training has been around for decades. However, only recently have fitness enthusiasts around the world been awakened to the value.

I think every fat loss article we read espouses the value of interval training for fat loss. In fact, the term HIIT (for High Intensity Interval Training) is thrown around so much that many people just assume they know what it is. However, among all the recommendations I see to perform HIIT, very few articles contain any practical information as to what to do or how to do it.

I have to confess that I stumbled into this area somewhat accidentally. Two processes converged to make me understand that I might be a fat loss expert and not know it. In my normal process of professional reading, I read both Alwyn Cosgrove’s Afterburn and Craig Ballantyne’s Turbo Training. What struck me immediately was that what these experts were recommending for fat loss looked remarkably like the programs we used for conditioning.