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Best Practices for Promoting Your Organization and Programs on

By Rob Bedeaux, SportsEngine, 12/12/18, 10:45AM CST

Share is the largest youth sports directory in North America. Follow the recommendations below to make sure your organization is in the top search results in your area.

While each organization that is part of the SportsEngine Inc. family has a listing on, these simple steps can make sure that your listing ranks higher in results in your area.

Include Detailed Organization Information

  1. Log in to  SportsEngine HQ, navigation to your Organization Settings under the Settings drop down.
  2. Full Organization Name: This is used when someone searches for your organization by name as well as to construct the URL for your organization. For example, the URL Minneapolis Youth Lacrosse would be
  3. Description: The description tells visitors what your organization does and is also used for Google to help provide context in search results
  4. Sport: Make sure the sports you serve are selected. Key search result criteria
  5. Gender: Gender is filter criteria when searching so making sure you note whether you offer programs for boys, girls or co-ed programs helps parents find the right club. Key search result criteria
  6. Address: The first criteria for returning  result is a location. Make sure your organization's address represents the area where you offer programs. NOTE: You can override play locations and the program level if you offer programs in many areas. Key search result criteria
  7. Contact: Include contact details for someone to find out more about your organization
SportsEngine HQ Left Navigation

SportsEngine HQ Left Navigation

  1. Website & Social Media: Include links for your organizations website and links to your social media platforms so that people can get a feel for the types of activities and learn more.
  2. Logo, color, & banner: Include additional customizations to make your organization stand out from others. While we do provide generic sport imager and banner images, by adding your own, you can show your unique style
Edina Hockey Association Organization Page

Edina Hockey Association Organization Page

Add Programs (and keep them up to date)

Once you've completed your organization setup, the next step is to add programs that are offered by your club. Since programs are what parents are actually sign up for, having these in place, provides a direct link to your registration as well as the more granular details that don't fit in your organization profile.

  1. Navigate to the Listing tab under Promotions
  2. Select Add Program
  3. You will be promoted to fill in the basic information about your program including the name, dates pricing, and registration URL.

Be thoughtful about naming your program as this is what will show up in the search results listing. Instead of calling it 2019 Season Sign Up,  2019 Winter Box Lacrosse (Boys 10U) describes what a person can sign up for. 

  1. Once you've completed entering the basic program information, click the publish button.
  2. You will be returned to your list of programs. You can then go back into the program you just created and add additional info that will improve your programs ranking.
  3. Top ranking items to update include program description, age range, program type, and schedule
  4. Finally, adding  custom image also will separate you from the rest of the programs listed. 
SportsEngine HQ Left Navigation (Listing)

SportsEngine HQ Left Navigation (Listing)

Notice the image used in the example below includes additional information about the program (run difficulty). You can always get creative here to include data that doesn't necessarily fit elsewhere in the program listing.

example program

Park City, UT NASTAR Ski Racing Program

Affiliate with your national governing body

In addition to coming up under organic searches, SportsEngine occasionally features national governing bodies on their home page. During these times, there is a direct link to that governing body and any program and organization affiliated with that governing body will have their programs show up along with others from the same governing body.

Additionally, affiliations show up on the organization page as well as on each program.

Examples of Governing Affiliations

Governing Body Affiliation on a Program

Governing Body Affiliation on a Program

USA Swimming Affiliated Programs

USA Swimming Affiliated Programs in Colorado Springs, CO

NOTE: To set up an affiliation, speak to your account manager.

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