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Balance Training Revisited

By Phil Loomis, Athletes' Acceleration, 11/27/18, 12:00PM CST


Pre and post “balance” screening procedures can be very important in terms of return to play protocols. Especially with respect to athletes that have sustained concussions.

When you hear balance training it likely conjures up images of athletes standing on one leg and on some type of unstable surface i.e., wobble board, Bosu, soft foam pad…

We know balance is important in sport but what are we really talking about when we reference this quality? Rogers et al., 2013 stated that there are a variety of ways to evaluate balance and fall-risk, and each older adult should be regularly screened in order to evaluate any changes in the ability to maintain postural stability. In terms of “balance” training what we are really looking to improve with athletes is their ability to maintain and regain postural stability.