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Twelve Tips for New Gymnastics Parents

By All Gymnasts, 11/07/18, 12:00PM CST


When your gymnast cries, gets angry or defiant on the floor you will want to swoop in and save them, but you shouldn’t.

So your son or daughter is new to gymnastics.

First, congratulations, gymnastics is an exciting sport that will help your son or daughter grow as a person and athlete. The information here is designed to provide helpful tips for parents new to gymnastics.

There is a great deal of information to learn about competition. Some of the things you will learn will be unique to your gym, but others are pretty universal for all gymnasts' parents.

1. Be On Time

Gymnasts are expected to be in the gym on time, and also need to arrive at competitions at the appropriate time. If your gymnast continually arrives late to practice, he or she is missing out on warm-ups or instruction time. In some situations, school or parent’s work schedules make arriving to practice on time difficult.