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Ten Skills Every Gymnast Should Know

By Kristi Sharp, How They Play, 10/31/18, 12:00PM CDT


Always make sure that you have them cast and return to the bar several times so that they get used to working the bar.

Competitive gymnastics has a mystique to it that I've never understood. Probably because I've been in the thick of gymnastics since I was a toddler it's impossible for me to understand why there is such a fascination with the ability to tumble on a 4-inch piece of metal covered in leather that sits 4 feet in the air. To me, that's normal. But for most people, that probably seems like a somewhat of a circus feat.


  1. Every gymnast should be able to run and hit a springboard doing a straight jump onto an 8" mat. Once they can run and jump from a springboard then you can advance from a springboard with a mat to a springboard with a resi-pit and then gradually build from there.