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Gymnastics Tips: Six Moves for Beginners

By Marketinia, 10/05/18, 12:00PM CDT


Starting from a tall stance, the cartwheel begins with one foot positioned in front of the other. The gymnast begins by reaching down with both hands and placing them side-by-side next to the front leg.

If you’re a seasoned gymnast looking to instruct beginners for the first time, your job may seem a bit daunting. Sure, you know your stuff, but where do you start with a beginner? Basic gymnastics instruction should always start with learning six basic moves that provide the foundation for more advanced gymnastics skills.

Beginner Skill NO. 1: Forward Roll

This move starts with an upright body position and hands reaching toward the sky. The first step is to move toward reaching for the floor. Then the gymnast tucks in his or her chin, rolls on the floor and comes back up to be in a standing position.

As your beginners perform and perfect this skill, instruct them to look at their belly buttons as they roll. Then make sure their upper backs, not their heads, touch the floor.