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1 V 1 Soccer Goalkeeper Drill

By Dave Clarke, Soccer Coach Weekly, 10/03/18, 12:00PM CDT


The goalkeeper needs to come off his line and try to smother the shots as the striker turns and tries to beat him. 

Middlesbrough stopper Victor Valdes is great at pulling off saves when he goes one-on-one with a striker – and if you run this session your goalkeepers could master the art, too.

Why use it

This session is great fun to play and good practice for getting your goalkeeper to dive at the feet of strikers that have raced clear of your defenders. It is a good activity for taking the fear out of goalkeeping.

Set up

For this session we have used our penalty area and a normal sized goal. You can set these up at either end of the field or, if you take the net off your goal, you can have back-to-back goalkeepers.