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Volleyball Tip of the Week: At Home Fitness for All Volleyball Players

By Junior Volleyball Association, 09/13/18, 10:30PM CDT


Take5 powered by JVA is a weekly series that shares short videos with exercises that athletes can perform anywhere to achieve overall volleyball fitness. 

The Series will include: 1.) Stretching/Dynamic Warm-up -Yoga 2.) Core training 3.) Resistance training with Plyometrics, and/or weights 4.) Ball striking-Practice 5.) H.i.i.T. Intervals 6.) Static stretching/Cool down-Yoga Take5 with T3 3 starts with Time. Everyone says that they don't have enough time! Nonsense. If you are new to fitness, Take 5 minutes. If you are a student-athlete, take 5 minutes to prepare for your sport. Take 5 to create the habits and actions that make all the difference. If you are a busy mother, father or student, or whatever your occupation is, this will work for you too.

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