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Five Muscle Building Nutrition Strategies for Athletes

By Depth Training, 09/13/18, 12:00PM CDT


This is why the nutrition strategy you select for adding weight is vital to your success not only with weight gain but as a hockey player.

This post is for young athletes and hockey players looking to improve their nutrition habits so they can add some much needed muscle to their frames in preparation for junior camps this spring and fall.

The information below is provided to help these athletes with this ‘weight gain’ and muscle building process. When it comes to adding pounds, a sound nutrition strategy must go hand in hand with your training. You need to train to provide your body with a reason to build muscle and you need to eat properly to provide your body with the tools to build muscle. 

Think of training as the blueprint and nutrition as the building blocks. These strategies are designed to be simple and easy to follow. They are derived from a variety of excellent nutritional resources, research studies and our practical experience when working with athletes.