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Focus on Fractions: Why They Matter in Coaching Kids

By Greg Bach, Sporting Kid Live, 09/12/18, 12:00PM CDT


When players care about each other and embrace the responsibilities of their position because they genuinely care more about the team than themselves, the possibilities are endless.

Rushing yards, points allowed and penalties per game are just some of the numbers that grab the attention of college football coaches. For Bowling Green State University head coach Mike Jinks, there’s a fraction that means a lot to him as well.

And it should to you too, as you go about teaching teamwork and helping young athletes wrap their arms around that all-important element that it’s all about the team – and not the individual. “What you want to do is create that family environment,” Jinks says. “What I constantly talk about is do your 1/11th. There are 11 guys out there on that field at a time, and if any one of them is not doing their job the unit will fail."