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Soccer Drills: Defending as a Back Four

By Tony Carr, Soccer Coaching Weekly, 09/05/18, 12:00PM CDT


Once completed the coach calls out the number of the second attacker who dribbles onto the pitch and combines with the previous attacker in a 2v4 situation. The game continues until it’s a 4v4 situation.

This session is designed to improve the individual players within your defense and the defense as a unit. The practices cover key aspects such as pressuring techniques, cover and support positions and the shape of the defense in relation to the ball.

What this session is about

  1. The shape of the defense.
  2. Who is going to pressure the ball?
  3. What positions do the other defenders take up?

What to think about

This session develops the shape and positioning of your defenders. The practice can also be used for a midfield four or defensive/midfield three.