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The Key to Friendly, Productive Relations With Coaches

By Frank L. Smoll Ph.D., Psychology Today, 08/22/18, 12:00PM CDT


The key to resolving problems is establishing dialogue and then keeping the lines communication of open.

Parents’ responsibility for what happens doesn’t stop when their kids sign-up for a sport program. Rather, parents have every right to be involved in and to oversee their child's welfare in all situations. The tricky part comes in deciding how and to what extent it’s appropriate to be involved. In other words, when does appropriate concern become disruptive meddling?

Here are some typical issues that might spring up.

  • Your child isn't getting to play enough during games/matches.
  • Your child isn’t playing the position best suited to his or her talents.
  • The coach is mistreating youngsters either verbally or physically.