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Ten Tips for High School Golfers

By Golf Practice Guide, 08/08/18, 12:00PM CDT


Your short routine should include time to get used to the speed of the greens. Your short game will make up 50 percent of your shots during your round.

High school golf was one of the best times of my life and will likely be one of your best times as well so make the most of it. 

Today I’ve got 10 tips for high school golfers. Whether you are a player, coach or parent of someone in high school playing golf, I think these 10 tips will open up your mind to the game of golf and help you reach another level of improvement if you apply them to your game.

Tip No. 1: Have a preparation routine the day before your next match

Make sure to check your golf bag for balls, tees, your glove, rain gear if needed, a range finder and all accessories you may use during your round of golf.