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In Youth Sports, Everyone Must Play by the Rules

By Asbury Park Press, 08/08/18, 12:00PM CDT


Why the lack of compliance? Because league officials know they can get away with it. There is only limited enforcement of the requirements.

The question raised in the Asbury Park Press investigative story “Youth Sports: Why is it so easy to steal?” has a simple answer: Because no one's paying sufficient attention to where the money from fees and fundraisers is going. That truth can be applied to all parts of the state.

Certainly, there are state and federal laws on the books aimed at making it more difficult for parent volunteers to embezzle funds, but the laws aren’t being enforced. And the regulations aren’t nearly stringent enough. 

Why, you may ask, is it necessary to pile more regulations on youth leagues run by volunteers who already are giving so generously of their time on behalf of young people?