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Setting Up Your Teams for a Successful Season with SportsEngine

By Marie Fitzgerald, 07/18/18, 9:00AM CDT


In this Pro Tip we will help guide you in setting up all of your teams for success using SportsEngine.

With SportsEngine, there are a number of different tools and resources at your disposal to ensure everyone from your coaches to your parents are set up to get the most out of the upcoming season.

Season Success Starts Here

The SportsEngine Difference

  • Athletes sign up for your program or season.
  • Admins create teams and place athletes on rosters.
  • Coaches, team managers and parents can begin to interact with schedules, track their availability and communicate with one another.

Program or Season Sign Up

At the beginning of every season or new program, your parents and athletes will need to sign up through your organization. By creating an easy to use online registration, members of your organization can sign up, take care of any waivers and pay so they are ready for the season.

Learn more about our online registration

Form to create an event or program

Team Set up

After all of your athletes have signed up, it's time to set up your teams. This step involves a couple of different tools within the platform. 

  1. First, you'll want to set up all of your teams for your league or club. Depending if your teams play one another (in house) or teams from outside of your organization will determine which team pages you need to set up. A League will allow your teams to play one another and include standings, while Club Team Pages will allow your teams to play teams outside of your organization.
  2. You can now begin to place athletes on to the rosters. Since all athletes signed up through your registration, you can use our Rostering tool to drag and drop kids onto their correct teams. By setting up your teams this way, parents and coaches will have immediate access to their teams inside the SportsEngine mobile app, allowing them to interact immediately with one another.


Gif showing how to roster a team

Schedule Set Up

At this point, your athletes have signed up for the season and your team setup is almost at the finish line. Your final step to successfully setting up your teams within SportsEngine is to input your schedules.

Whether you are an organization that handles scheduling or you pass that duty along to your coaches and team managers, rest assured that everyone will be in the loop with a centralized schedule across your website and team pages.

If you're an organization that handles scheduling for your teams, check out how to use our schedule upload tool here.

If your teams are in charge of their own scheduling, they can do so from TeamCenter or the Mobile App and you can learn more here.

Games and events that are added or modified from any location within our platform will speak to all of the other instances of that game or event. That makes it easy for you to add a game and then pass off control to your coaches to make any changes as the season rolls along. 



Gif showing how to schedule a game or event


Now that teams are set up, athletes are placed onto teams and your coaches and parents have access to schedules, your teams are ready for the season. 

SportsEngine's free mobile app allows a central location for everyone to keep track of their schedules, track their availability and communicate with one another. 

Cancelled game? Need a car pool? Who's bringing snacks? Let SportsEngine help keep your teams informed and up to date, whenever and wherever they are. 

Looking for more information about SportsEngine team management? Click here

Gif of communicating with mobile app

SportsEngine Webinar Series: TeamCenter & Mobile App

In this pro series webinar, we take and in-depth look at TeamCenter and the Mobile App including team chat, contact lists, guardians and schedule management.

About Marie

Marie Fitzgerald is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at SportsEngine, Inc. She currently coaches a U9 girls team for Fusion Soccer Club and cheers loudly for Manchester City. Marie grew up playing soccer and basketball in Wisconsin and you can find a Bucky Badger bobblehead proudly displayed on her desk.