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Summertime Sacrifice of a Year-Round Swimmer

By Isabella Fratesi, SwimSwam, 07/11/18, 12:00PM CDT


Whether it be to qualify for a championship meet, to win state or to anchor a relay, goals are the driving forces that propel swimmers through grueling training and provide the energy needed to drive to morning practice.

The annual Great Migration has begun. Each July, thousands of cars filled with smiling Arizonans wind their way down the I-10 from the scorching desert towards the seaside oasis that is California. Upon reaching their destinations, these people enjoy pleasant temperatures, ocean air and lively bonfires with their fellow migrants.

Meanwhile, those forced to remain in Arizona are hardened by the 115 degree days and blazing sun, only venturing outdoors in order to get from one air-conditioned place to another.  

We swimmers are among those left behind. Success is achieved through determination and focus and that, in order to maximize performance, one must be willing to make sacrifices.