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Seven Unforgettable Acts of World Cup Sportsmanship

By Kimberly Liby, A Plus , 07/11/18, 12:00PM CDT


In a noble gesture of good sportsmanship, they left their locker room immaculately clean with a gracious "Spasibo" note ("Thank you" in Russian) to show their gratitude to the hosting country.

Since June, the World Cup has had millions of soccer fans glued to their TVs to watch their home teams compete. But in just a few days, the tournament will come to an end, and one of the remaining teams — France, England, Croatia, and Belgium, as of this writing — will earn the title of world champion.

We at A Plus love the many shows of good sportsmanship that have taken place on and off the field. Some of our favorites acts of kindness have gone viral, and these seven, in particular, deserve a shout-out because they celebrate the spirit of World Cup. Here's an encore recap of some of our favorite moments.