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Lane Synergy Can Lead to a World of Change

By Shea Manning, SwimSwam, 07/09/18, 12:00PM CDT


You share an understanding for the set, a respect for how to best execute that set and quick adaptability in the moments when your goals and execution do not perfectly align. You move as one unit, act and react with anticipation and in unison.

Heads down. No time for eye contact. Communicate in micro-aggressions — ride that person’s tail and make sure they know how inconsiderate it was to get in your way. Stew at the curt projection of shade you are certain was directed at you.

Deliver a snippy (or more than snippy) rebuke when you are inconvenienced, annoyed, out of sync or generally aggrieved by how rude some people can be! (THEY CAN BE SO RUDE!!!!) We’ve all experienced these situations — as both the culprit and the victim.