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The Athlete's Kitchen: Chocolate in Your Sports Diet?

By Nancy Clark, CoachUp Nation, 06/12/18, 12:00PM CDT


By no means is chocolate the key to a healthy sports diet, nor is eating lots of dark chocolate preferable to snacking on apples and bananas. But we can certainly enjoy chocolate as a small part of a well balanced sports diet. 

The Chocolate Season is here, and I can already feel the tension rising. 

“Between Halloween and New Year’s Eve, I feel surrounded by chocolate. It’s everywhere!” reported a self-proclaimed chocoholic. “I try so hard to not eat it, but I inevitably succumb, and I inevitably gain weight. Thank goodness for January First!!!”  

If you share the same love-hate relationship with chocolate, keep reading. And be thankful this so-called “bad food” offers benefits.