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Top 5 World Cup Goal Scorers

By SportsEngine, 06/08/18, 9:30AM CDT


How some of the world's most gifted players got their start in soccer

It is said that legendary strikers cement their status once they deliver on the big stage, and what bigger stage than the FIFA World Cup?

Se dice que los delanteros legendarios hacen su puesto cuando entregan en los más grandes juegos, y cuál juegos son mas grande de la FIFA Copa Mundial?

2018 World Cup

Ronaldo's Proudest Day Came as Youth Player

By SportsEngine 06/22/2018, 3:00pm CDT

Portugal star was thrilled when his mom finally attended one of his games

Cristiano Ronaldo’s toughest task may not have been climbing the youth system in Portugal and eventually signing a contract with Manchester United, but rather earning the interest of his mother in his soccer career.

World Cup Fans Showing what Sportsmanship Means

By Alex Ward, Vox 06/22/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Senegal’s fans got on the cleaning bandwagon too. After the West African nation upset Poland 2-1, its fans also picked up trash around their seating area. It’s unclear if Japan’s example inspired them, or if Senegal’s fans are just similarly considerate and tidy.

Eight Reasons to Watch the Russia World Cup With Your Kids

By Jim Grove, Active for Life 06/21/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Respect for opponents and officials is a fundamental value promoted at every World Cup, as is respect for persons of all races, genders, colors and creeds. 

Magic Man: Lionel Messi Makes the Impossible Look Routine

By SportsEngine 06/20/2018, 4:15pm CDT

Argentinian legend and World Cup star overcame his share of obstacles as a young player

Messi’s seemingly never-ending magic has helped him achieve numbers and records you’d expect from a video game character. 

Fun Ways to Enjoy the World Cup as a Family

By Viviana Reveron, Bristol Herald Courier 06/19/2018, 12:00pm CDT

Make a family bracket challenge. Even if everyone in your family is rooting for the same team, a bracket challenge can be fun, and the prize can be a family outing — winner’s choice.

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