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High School Tennis Drills

By Michele Howard, LiveStrong, 05/02/18, 12:00PM CDT


Have your players start by standing diagonally across the net from each other, behind their right service box. Designate one player as the cross-court player and the other as the down-the-line player. 

Once young tennis players start playing on their high school team, beginner hand-eye coordination games and drills are no longer at their skill level. As a high school tennis coach, it's time to incorporate more challenging and competitive drills into your team workouts to help your players perfect their skills and learn the subtleties of playing the game well.

Split Decision

This drill is designed to help your players work on their split step and volley. Have your players stand in one line, 4 feet behind the "T," which is where the center service line meets the service line.