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Coaching Beginning High Jumpers

By Mike Rosenbaum, ThoughtCo., 05/01/18, 12:00PM CDT


Whichever foot they kick the ball with is their inside foot for the high jump.

To set up the approach run - for a jumper starting from the right - have the jumper stand at the side of the pit, with the standard at his or her back. 

Replace the Bar

The first step in developing high jumpers is to make them comfortable landing on their backs. The worst thing you can do, particularly with a young person who’s come to you with a desire to learn to high jump, is to turn him or her off to the sport with a rough beginning.

Therefore, you don’t use a bar to train beginning jumpers. You don’t want would-be high jumpers to knock the bar over, land on it a couple times, then tell themselves they should find another sport where you don’t end up with a metal bar poking you in the back.