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To the Swimmer Who Underwent Surgery

By Bryana Cielo, SwimSwam, 04/30/18, 12:00PM CDT


There is a reason you are here now. You may not see it, but I promise that it’s there. You will be back, and you will be better than ever. Believe that.

Seven months ago, I suffered an injury that caused the labrum in my right shoulder to tear. I tried to train through it with the hope that it would heal naturally, but after a few months of half-practices I was still having pain. I was told that my shoulder was extremely unstable and that surgery was recommended. I’ve been where you are.

You undergo surgery. The first few days or weeks that follow are probably not your best. You do your time in the sling or brace that you were given and you think that once it comes off, things will be better.