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What Good Sportsmanship Really Means

By Janet Adetu, Vanguard, 03/23/18, 12:00PM CDT


The dictionary defines sportsmanship as ethical, appropriate, polite and fair behavior while participating in a game or a sporting event.

Good sportsmanship is one of those life lessons that are really not taught but becomes part of you as life goes along. The art of being a good sportsman is not a case of winner takes all, but a pat on the back for the winners and a handshake for the losers. A case of well-done but better luck next time.If I should phrase it in another way, there is a “Golden Rule” about “Good Sportsmanship”. 

It is not whether you win or lose the game, but “How” you accept victory or defeat. It is just a game, it is fantastic to win, it gives you a sense of triumph and victory, a sense of pride and achievement, a sense of being a winner.