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Basketball Drills - Partner Drills

By Coach's Clipboard, 03/13/18, 12:00PM CDT


With this drill we want our offensive players working on their 1-on-1 moves ... jab step, shot fake, dribble moves (in-and-out, crossover), etc.

Basic fundamentals need to be drilled during every practice, even at the collegiate level. These partner drills fit in nicely after doing your initial ball-handing and dribbling drills. Have your players "partner up" with another player of similar size and skill set.

These partner drills feature passing and catching, defensive close-outs, boxing-out, and shooting. You can quickly run through each of these drills in the first part of each practice, spending just several minutes on the passing drills, and a minute or two on the close-out and box-out drills.