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Ten Ways to Get Faster for Track

By Kelsey Casselbury, LiveStrong , 03/12/18, 12:00PM CDT


Running faster will take practice and time. Don't overwork yourself. Overexertion will only lead to muscle fatigue and possible injury.

Whether you're running short distance or long distance for track, speed is the answer to winning the race. Although you don't exert all your energy into sprints for long-distance races, your speed still needs to be faster than your competition. Practicing running fast doesn't help you get faster like most people think. Instead, several form, breathing, diet, exercise and mental techniques will help increase your running speed for the next meet.

Head for the Hills

Running on hills once a week will build dynamic muscle strength that will get you faster for track and will help you push yourself through the fatigue of the last stretch of your run.