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Using the SportsEngine Mobile App Tip Sheet

By Rob Bedeaux, 03/06/18, 11:30AM CST


Getting parents to read all of the important information about an upcoming season can be a challenge. So, instead of providing a bunch of links and random documents that they have to cobble together, we've already done the work for you.

Getting the right information to your parents so that they can be prepared for the season usually includes snipping notes from one board document or one how-to sheet and adding it to another. Eventually, you'll have something that can be handed out to your parents, but it can be a time suck. 

Since I was doing this for my lacrosse organization this year, I thought I would share out the fruits of my labor. Below is single sheet handout that includes all of the basics that a parent will need to know about how to use the SportsEngine mobile app to fully participate with their team. 

Included are:

  1. Downloading the app
  2. Adding an additional guardian
  3. Managing your schedule
  4. RSVPing to an event
  5. Using team chat
  6. Scoring a game
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