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Hitting Different Pitches

By CoachUp Nation, 02/28/18, 12:00PM CST


A well-thrown changeup is the toughest pitch to pick up because it comes from the same arm slot, with the same arm speed, and should have the same spin as a fastball.

Pitchers and hitters will constantly try to outsmart each other. A good pitcher will mix up their pitches with different speeds and types of spin to confuse the batter. A good hitter will wait for a pitch in their zone instead of chasing after bad pitches. By picking up on the type of spin a pitcher uses, a batter can increase their chances of a hit.

Still, there is next to no time to think when a 90 mph fastball is headed a batter’s way, so learning to be reactive takes practice. Follow these hitting tips below to be prepared next time the pitcher takes the mound.