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Introducing SportsEngine 5.9 for iOS & Android

By Rob Bedeaux, 02/09/18, 11:00AM CST


Our latest mobile release includes one of our most requested features – the ability for multiple guardians to be in the loop on a child's sports life.

The SportsEngine mobile app has always been the control center for parents interacting with their childrens' sports life. From the mobile app you have access to your family's schedule, to manage your attendance and to email the coach and other parents. 

Now you can do even more! We've added two new features that we're really excited to share with you. Our team chat and family features make our mobile app even more useful FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY.

Team chat

Humans are always finding better ways to communicate. We've moved from pictograms carved into stone, to telephone, to text messaging. Now it's time to take the next steps. Type a tiny message, get an equally short reply or perhaps just an emoji, and get on with your work. There’s nothing complicated, confusing or time consuming.

Once you are part of a team, all your family members can participate in team chat. Team chat is a great way to coordinate who is bringing the orange slices, ride sharing to an out-of-town tournament or just to post photos of a great save at today's game.

SportsEngine family

Families share a lot — movie night, evening meals and an occasional cold. SportsEngine is now making it easier for families to share their sports lives and keep everyone connected.

When is the next game? Mom needs a ride for Sally to practice, and is dad supposed to bring the orange slices to practice tonight?

Now, with the new guardians feature, mom can make sure dad is kept up to date as well as grandma, who sometimes takes the kids to practice.

Simply log into the mobile app and enter the guardian's email address. They will be prompted to create an account and will then be able to participate in team activities – all from the convenience of the app!

Depending on the type of family member you are, you have access to different tools within the SportsEngine platform. Below are the details of each family member role.


The family manager is the person who creates the family.

The family manager is the only person who can:

  • Create & manage a profile for a child
  • Decide who is in the family group: The family manager can add or remove family members and designate the children that a parent/guardian can manage.
  • Register a child: The family manager can register a child for a season, league, club, camp or clinic
  • Set up & manage the family payment method: The family manager is responsible for all purchases made using the family payment method.
  • Everything a Parent/Guardian can do


Anyone the family manager designates as a guardian will also be able to:

  • View a child’s schedule
  • RSVP to a game or event for a child
  • Participate in team chat for a child
  • Leave a family


The Child Member is a dependent of the Family Manager and can be managed by a Parent/Guardian

Welcome Screen

Child's profile on the guardians tab

Adding a guardian

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