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Three Tips On How To Condition for Basketball

By Nick Daniels, HoopsU, 02/01/18, 12:00PM CST


By focusing on these areas of your conditioning consistently, you will become a stronger and better basketball player. Always try to think of ways to make your conditioning time more efficient and effective.

Getting physically and mentally ready for the upcoming season is one of the major pillars for success. We’ve all seen teams that are not properly conditioned wear out during the latter stages of the game and get run off the court.

The truth is that today’s basketball is a game of movement, transition and driving to the bucket for layups or kick-out three point opportunities.  

This style of basketball requires that your team is conditioned well and can get up and down the court without becoming fatigued.  

In this article I want to discuss the different muscle groups that are important and how to work those muscle groups to see benefits during in-game situations.