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The Top Three Recruiting Questions of 2017

By Playced, 01/24/18, 12:00PM CST


If you feel pressured or don’t understand their role in the process, that is a warning sign. Don’t make a decision based on emotion.

Last year we were asked hundreds of recruiting questions by high school athletes and their parents. We were asked everything from “How do I get noticed?”, to “What song should I use for my highlight video?” Since you’ll only go through the process once, you have zero recruiting experience and you will have questions. In fact, you’ll most likely have many questions.

In 2017, there were three questions we were asked most often. All three questions stem from either a misconception about how college recruiting really works or the fact that high school athletes are intimidated by the process. Student-athletes and their parents just want answers, so here are the top three questions from 2017 and my three answers.