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Wrestling Workout Routine

By Ryan Mess, LiveStrong, 01/23/18, 12:00PM CST


Always force your body and your mind to adapt while remaining technically sound and safe. Also, leave no weaknesses.

John Saylor is considered one of the best combat sports coaches in the U.S. for his strength and conditioning expertise and accomplishments both as a competitor and a coach.

He found that the only way to mimic the lactic acid attack experienced in a world class judo match was to perform circuit-training workouts.

Assuming that you have wrestling practice in the morning and evening, you need to train additionally before your morning practice and after your evening practice, six days per week, with Sunday off.

You have 12 circuit-training sessions each week with four additional heavy lifting sessions. Max effort and dynamic lifts take place in the beginning of the morning session since you will be less fatigued from wrestling at this time.