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What To Do When Your Swimmer Is Injuried

By Elizabeth Wickham, SwimSwam, 01/11/18, 12:00PM CST


Your athlete is upset enough already and they’ll pick up on your anxiety. Showing a calm and patient attitude can help your child work through this unexpected and unfortunate time.

The big meet is coming up and your swimmer has been working hard and is ready. Then something unexpected happens. During a run, he or she sprains an ankle or his or her shoulder is causing them a lot of pain.

Maybe your swimmer got hit in the head during warmups or with a med ball, and he or she has awful headaches that won’t go away.

As a swim parent, it’s time for us to take charge and help our swimmer through a very frustrating time. Now that I’m suffering from an injury myself and can’t swim Masters, I understand how discouraging it is when your normal level of activity is curtailed.