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Five Ways to Get Your Swimming Goals Back on Track

By Olivier Poirier-LeRoy, SwimSwam, 01/08/18, 12:00PM CST


What are the three to four things that will impact your swimming the most? Is it your mental game? Your nutrition habits? Breathing patterns? Your turns? 

No matter our best intentions and motivations, inevitably we will face droughts in our swimming. Whether it is a long bout of training becoming inexorably draining, out-of-the-pool stuff becoming a distraction, or a complete and utter loss of focus, it is natural to experience drops in motivation over the marathon that is a swim season.

Whether you are a baby-faced age-grouper or an international contender it happens to the best of us. The difference between those that are able to plow through with a minimal amount of loss of momentum and the swimmer who allows a short term drop in motivation to become a long term problem is that top performing swimmers don’t allow those lapses to derail their broader goals.