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How Recruiting Will Be Different for Your Student-Athlete

By Jaimie Duffek, NCSA Head Recruiting Coach , 12/08/17, 12:00PM CST


The Internet is now that intersection where student-athletes discover schools and schools discover student-athletes. That means taking advantage of the information that’s available and maintaining a positive, visible presence online.

It’s always great to hear from families where one (or both) parents or guardians are former collegiate athletes, and they are now looking forward to helping their child compete at the college level. They know firsthand the highs and lows, the twists and turns a recruiting journey can take. Plus, they have a good basic understanding of the process and timelines involved.

While it may seem like only yesterday when they were going on college visits, a lot has changed in the recruiting world. As a parent, whether you competed in college or not, it’s good to be aware of some the more significant changes and how recruiting has evolved and continues to transform.