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How to Deal With a Strongly Competitive Child

By Janis Meredith, CoachUp Nation, 12/06/17, 12:00PM CST


You can't change your competitive child into one who doesn't care

Our job as parents is to listen, support, cheer, challenge and sometimes just be willing to back off.

If you have an athlete in your family who loves his or her sport, loves to compete, and loves to win, you may feel unsure as a parent of how to handle his super-competitive spirit.

Being strongly competitive means a kid plays hard, takes the game seriously, and hates losing -- all good things for an athlete, but many super-competitive kids may also be way too hard on themselves.

If your child is one of those who takes competition very seriously, then I know you, as a parent, have felt the effects.  It’s tough to watch your kid beat up on themselves when they are not happy with their performance.

After 20 years of being a sports mom to three kids, I’ve learned that you cannot change your competitive child into one who does not care.