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A Consistent Push-Off Leads to a Faster Breakout

By Abbie Fish, Ritter Sports Performance, 12/01/17, 12:00PM CST


Final segment in series on flipturns focuses on breakout techniques

The goal is to minimize drag that may result from bending the elbow or relaxing the arm.

Welcome back to our last and final segment on freestyle flipturns.

In Part’s I and II, we discussed the approach into the wall and the turn at the wall. This leaves only one major portion of the flipturn left — the breakout. 

Let’s get started

As stated in Part II, the final position a swimmer is in after the flip is with their feet planted on the wall, their body in a squat position, and their arms overhead in a streamline. Ideally, we want the arms in a streamline before the feet plant on the wall to avoid a swimmer pushing off and still locking in their arms into a streamline.

From this position, there is really a few options for a swimmer:

  1. Push-off and twist all the way to your stomach in a streamline
  2. Push-off and twist to your side in a streamline
  3. Push-off on your back in a streamline