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D.C. Area Youth Sports Program Sets Kids Up for Success

By Dillon Mullan, Washington Post, 11/21/17, 4:15PM CST


Through youth sports and now high school football, dozens of athletes in Virginia's Loudon County know a six-bedroom house with eight couches as a combination of diner, motel and classroom.

Dominion high school football players shake sleep from their eyes as they trudge into the kitchen around noon. Legs sore from training camp lead hungry mouths down from the bedrooms, up from the basement, and in through the front door.

One-by-one, 10 teenage boys gather around the large wooden table that comfortably seats a dozen. They demolish the first tray of sausage biscuits and cinnamon rolls. Seconds and thirds are on the way.

This August morning is not a special occasion. Jeri Pierre's table has been full ever since her 17-year-old twins, Jadan and Jayde, joined the D1 Sports and Athletics Spartans, a nonprofit football and basketball program, in elementary school.