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How to Keep Your Composure on the Basketball Court

By NBC Camps, 11/21/17, 12:00PM CST


Composure is a skill and a habit that comes from small daily disciplines. Modeling a life of composure as well as holding yourself to a standard of daily habits of composure will help internalized this quality for your life.

Composure in basketball is a fierce commitment to the highest level you can give on each aspect of what you personally are called to give. 

Everyone is called on to be a tough defender, a strong rebounder, an intense competitor and to play with hustle and heart. Beyond that, how your individual talents help the team at the highest level is the true test of composure.

Those individual talents may be scoring, shooting, passing, or necessary offensive skills. But they are nothing without the composure involved in the commitment to building an overall all-around game that results in better teams.