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King of kings grooms successor

By Loren Nelson, 09/18/17, 2:15PM CDT


Glen Davis, founder of Atlanta-area Georgia Kings basketball organization, prepares son for administrative role

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Glen Davis


Georgia Kings


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Davis, who grew up in rural North Carolina, had no sooner received his driver’s license when he landed a job as a 16-year-old school bus driver, shuttling his schoolmates around his hometown of Louisburg (population: 3,500). “Crazy, right?” said Davis, who has 10 siblings. “I look back and say, ‘Who the hell gave me permission to be a bus driver at that age?’ But that was pretty common back in those days where I came from.” Davis never played basketball, but he had close ties to the Louisburg High School team, not only driving it to and from away games, but also keeping statistics and writing game stories. “We were very poor, and my mother didn’t have money for [medical] insurance,” Davis said. “She was always worried that if I played sports, I would get hurt.” As a teenager Davis aspired to be a sportswriter, and originally planned to major in English when he enrolled at North Carolina Central University in Durham, about 40 miles away from home. “Then I came to my senses and switched to a business major,” said Davis, who has worked as president and CEO of several companies. He currently runs his own data analytics business, Competitive Promotion Report, that focuses on pricing optimization for health, beauty and wellness companies. Davis started the Georgia Kings Sports Foundation in 2005 when his son Brantley expressed a desire for playing competitive basketball. The Kings, based out of the East Cobb area of the north-Atlanta suburb of Marietta, started that first year with one team of seventh-graders. The club now has more than 140 kids participating on about 10 boys teams in the 10- to 17-year-old age groups. “I had intended to shut it down after my son graduated from high school, because it is a tremendous amount of work,” Davis said. “But the program kept growing, with parents constantly coming up to me and asking, ‘Will you do another team for another grade?’ ”

What he does:

These days Davis has no intention of shuttering the Kings. On the contrary, he is in the process of training his son to handle many of the Kings’ administrative duties, including running the website and setting up registrations. It just so happens that Brantley is well-positioned for that role, as he is completing his degree in information technology at Georgia State University. Glen Davis said he is thrilled that several teams have become avid users of SportsEngine’s mobile app, allowing for more efficient team messaging. He said he’s also enjoyed the ease of using PowerPay for sending invoices and tracking payments.

Making his mark:

It’s only natural that Davis, the former aspiring sportswriter, keeps content flowing on the Kings’ website with stories about the club’s new coaches and administrators as well as team successes at tournaments, among other topics.

Fun fact:

As part of the Kings’ Code of Conduct, players are encouraged to, “Give back to the community by participating in at least one community service project during the season.”

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