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Protein In a Youth Athlete's Diet

By TrueSport, 09/12/17, 11:15AM CDT


Many youth athletes believe protein is the main nutrient needed in their diets.

While protein may not be the main nutrient, it does indeed play a crucial role in an athlete’s balanced nutrition, and it is an important building block for developing strength and peak performance.

Vital for creating and maintaining muscle, the timing and sources of protein consumed are just as important as the amount eaten. However, athletes young and old need to of course also incorporate carbohydrates and fat into their diets.

Good protein sources for youth athletes

Athletes need to consume a wide variety of high-quality protein foods to grow, repair, and maintain muscle. Some examples of good protein sources (and recommended serving sizes) are:

Food Serving Size Grams of Protein
Chicken breast 3 oz 25 g
Ground beef 4 oz 24 g
Cottage Cheese ½ cup 12 g
Yogurt 8 oz 11 g
Cooked black beans ½ cup 8 g
Peanut butter 2 tbsp 7 g
Egg 1 large 7 g
Mixed Nuts ¼ cup 5 g

How much protein do youth athletes need?

The amount of protein needed by a youth athlete varies based on their athletic goals. Per the TrueSport Nutrition Guide, the following amounts of protein are recommended daily for these different types of athletes:

Endurance: 0.54-0.64 g per pound of body weight
Strength (gaining muscle mass): 0.72-0.81 g per pound of body weight
Strength (maintaining muscle mass): 0.54-0.64 g per pound of body weight
Weight Restricted: 0.63-0.81 g per pound of body weight

When should youth athletes eat protein?

The body’s ability to recover from games, practices, or intense workouts requires adequate rest and proper nutrition. An important component of the recovery process is consuming both carbohydrates and protein shortly after exercise to restore muscle glycogen and stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Eating protein after resistance training decreases physical breakdown and encourages muscle growth.

Eating several small meals that include about 30 grams of protein throughout the day will also support training and muscle-building

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